Internally Funded Projects

Identification of bio-intensive, complementary cropping systems for high productivity and efficient resource use.
B.Gangwar M. Shamim, M.P.S. Arya and Sudhir Kumar
Sustaining rice-wheat productivity through integrated nutrient supply system.
V. K.SinghR. P. Mishra,  N. Subash and R. S. Yadav
Long term influence of Resource Conservation Technologies in Rice-Wheat system.
V.P.Choudhary R. P. Mishra
Development of suitable resource conservation modules to mitigate the ill effects of climate change.
V.P.ChoudharyM. Shamim, Sudhir Kumar and  Chandra Bhanu
Climate Change: Effects on productivity of Rice-wheat cropping system in western plain zones of U.P. and its mitigation by using DSSAT model.
M. Shamim Sudhir Kumar
Development of sustainable production model for rice-wheat cropping system. 
R. P. Mishra V. K. singh
Development of cost effective and sustainable Integrated Farming System Models for livelihood improvement of small farm holders. 
J. P. SinghB. Gangwar, Dushyant Mishra,  A. K. Prusty and Vinod Kumar
Assessment of climate change impact on integrated Farming Systems through Modelling. 
N. SubashM. Shamim, A. K. Prusty and  Suresh Malik
Comparative studies of fish and crop based farming systems.
A. K. PrustyJ. P. Singh and P. Kashyap
Development of year – round production module of mushrooms for small and marginal farmers.
Chandra BhanuJ. P. Singh
Productivity and economic evaluation of horticulture based farming systems. 
P. KashyapK. Prasad and Harbir Singh
On-Farm value addition for livelihood improvement of small farm households in Western Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh.
Amit NathM. P.Singh, Debashish Dutta,  R. P. Mishra, Poonam Kashyap and Nisha Verma
Comparative study of role of women in predominant farming systems of Western plain zone of UP and Hill zone of Uttarakhand.
Nisha VermaM. P. S. Arya, M. P. Singh, Poonam Kashyap and Amit Nath
Development of fruit crop based high density farming systems for higher productivity and profitability under small farm conditions.
Dushyant MishraSudhir Kumar,  J. P. Singh, M. Shamim, Amit Nath and  Chandra Bhanu
Characterization and mapping of Farming Systems in India. 
Harbir SinghVinod Kumar, Raghuveer Singh, Nisha Verma,  S. Malik and L. R. Meena
Conservation agriculture based weed management practices in rice-wheat cropping system. 
N. K. JatR. S. Yadav and Sudhir Kumar
Studies on Persistence of Pesticides Residues in the agricultural produce of intensively cultivated farming situations in peri – urban areas of Western Plain Zone  of Uttar Pradesh.
Debashish DuttaPrem Singh, Amit Nath, D. Mishra and  Nisha Verma
Development of microbial consortia for crop disease suppression, growth promotion and yield enhancement under organic farming system
Chandra BhanuN. K. Jat  and S. S. Pal
Estimation of greenhouse gas emission from IFS modules and models under AICRP-IFS. 
R. S. YadayL. R. Meena, J. P. Singh, Vinod Kumar  and Dushyant Mishra
System based proven technologies in farming system perspective under demonstration in Technology park. 
M. P. SinghPrem Singh and R. P. Mishra
On-Farm Integrated Farming Systems Management.
B.K. SharmaAnil Kumar and A. K. Prusty
Diversification of existing farming systems through integration of poultry for improving livelihood of marginal and landless farmers.
S. MalikVinod Kumar and A. K. Prusty
On-farm crop response to plant nutrients in rice-wheat cropping system (RWCS) and their impact on crop-livestock-human continuum. 
Raghuveer SinghN Ravisankar and Sanjeev Kumar Verma
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