Internally Funded Projects

Project titleDurationPrincipal InvestigatorCo-PIs
Integrated Farming Systems
Exploratory study on establishment of ornamental and biofloc fisheries modules for farm livelihood improvementDec. 2020- March 2022Peyush PuniaA.K. Prusty Sunil Kumar Jairam Choudhary
Development of Sustainable IFS Model for Western Plain Zone of Uttar PradeshJune 2017- June 2022L.R. MeenaSuresh Malik Amit Nath Devendra Kumar Chandra Bhanu Peyush Punia A.L. Meena Raghvendra K.J.
Sustainable livelihood generation through IFS involving uneconomic cattleJune 2019- Oct. 2024Suresh MalikRaghuveer Singh Lalit Kumar S.K. Dhoop Singh A.S. Sirohi H.L. Singh
Development of regenerative agroforestry based IFS model for sustainable production and livelihoodJuly 2020- June 2025NirmalL.R. Meena
Sustainable livelihood improvement of SC farmers through IFS Approach (SCSP)June 2020 – May 2023Lalit KumarSuresh Malik Peyush Punia P.C. Jat Poonam Kashyap Nisha Verma
Development of protocol for value added products from organic sugarcaneOct. 2018- Sept. 2021Amit NathR.P. Mishra Devendra Kumar
Evaluation and Identification of Farm Implements under Different Farming SystemsOct. 2018 – Sept. 2024V.P. ChaudharyNisha Verma P.P. Singh L.R. Meena
Development of an intelligent model for predicting mango yields using Artificial neural networksAug. 2020 – Dec. 2024Vipin Kumar Chaudhary 
Development of fruit crop based integrated farming system for western plain zone of U.PJuly 2020 – June 2025P.P. SinghL.R. Meena Suresh Malik Amit Nath A.L. Meena Raghavendra K.J.
Project titleDurationPrincipal InvestigatorCo-PIs
Cropping System and Resource Management
Measurement and Estimation of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emission and carbon footprint in sustainable Integrated Farming System (IFS) models of Western Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh2019-2021N. SubashDebashis Dutta Suresh Malik
Status of Organic Agriculture in Jammu division of Western Himalayan RegionsAug. 2018-Aug. 2023Sunil KumarL.K. Meena Chethan Kumar G. A.L. Meena
On-farm Participatory Research in Farming Systems Perspective under Schedule Caste Sub-plan (SCSP) in Laldhang cluster under Bahadrabad block, District Haridwar (Uttarakhand)July 2020 – Aug. 2023A.L. MeenaR.P. Mishra Debashis Dutta Chandra Bhanu P.C. Ghasal Jairam Choudhary
Effect of rice straw retention, incorporation and residue decomposition on productivity, profitability, soil health and environment under rice-wheat systemsApril 2021 – May 2025A.L. MeenaL.R. Meena N. Subash Lalit Kumar P.C. Jat Jairam Choudhary
Project titleDurationPrincipal InvestigatorCo-PIs
Organic Agricultural Systems
Nutrient management in different cropping systems under organic production systemsOct. 2018- Dec. 2023P.C. GhasalAmit Kumar Chandra Bhanu Jairam Choudhary A.L. Meena Lalit Kumar Chathan Kumar G.
Development of pest and disease management package for organic farmingMay 2018 – June 2022Chandra BhanuA.L. Meena Jairam Choudhary
Development and validation of microbial consortia for crop residue recyclingJan. 2019 – Dec. 2023Jairam ChoudharyDebashis Dutta
Crop Improvement for organic production systemOct. 2018- April 2022Devendra KumarL.R. Meena Raghavendra K.J. K.H. Singh
Project titleDurationPrincipal InvestigatorCo-PIs
Technology Transfer and Assessment
On-farm evaluation of farming system modules for profitability and livelihood improvement of different farmers categories of Western Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh and UttarakhandJan. 2018- March 2022P.C. JatPeyush Punia Poonam Kashyap Sunil Kumar
Characterization of Existing Farming Systems of Uttarakhand2018-2023Nisha VermaV.P. Chaudhary Amit Nath Vipin Choudhary
Refinement of Vegetable Based Farming System Models for Food and Nutritional Security of Farmers of Western Uttar PradeshJan. 2018- Jan. 2022Poonam KashyapA.K. Prusty Sunil Kumar Lalit Kumar Jairam Choudhary Debashis Dutta
Project titleDurationPrincipal InvestigatorCo-PIs
Project Coordination Unit
Development of Integrated Organic Farming System (IOFS) models for different regions of IndiaNov. 2016 – March 2023N. RavisankarMeraj Alam Ansari P.C. Jat Suresh Malik Poonam Kashyap Lalit Kumar Chandra Bhanu & CC-PI from AINP-OF centres
Influence of pesticides application in IFS model on fisheries module and measurement of GHGs emission from aquaculture pondsNov. 2019-Nov. 2022A.K. PrustyPeyush Punia Debashis Dutta & CC-PIs from AICRP-IFS centres
Updating of Cropping System Atlas of India and Preparation of futuristic crop plan for 2030, 2040 and 2050Oct. 2019 – Dec. 2023Raghuveer SinghN. Subash N. Ravisankar V. Ramamurthy C.A. Rama Rao B.M.K. Raju
Identification of climate resilient production system for different ecology (Institute-AI-NPOF linked)Nov. 2016 – Nov. 2022M. ShamimCC-PIs from AINP- OF centres
Weather based on-farm technological interventions in farming systems perspective for improving livelihood of farm householdsJune 2018 – May 2021M. ShamimPoonam Kashyap Sunil Kumar
Improvement of existing farming systems of underprivileged households through SCSPMay 2020-
April 2023
Raghuveer Singh

M. Shamim
A.K. Prusty
N. Ravisankar
M.A. Ansari Raghavendra K.J.
Estimation and valuation of ecosystem services from organic and natural farming systems in different Agro-ecologyApril 2021-
March 2026
M.A. AnsariN. Ravisankar
M. Shamim Jairam Choudhary
Raghavendra K.J. & CC-PIs from AINP- OF centres
Scaling and Impact Assessment of Integrated Farming System for Livelihood of FarmersSept 2021-
Aug 2024
Raghavendra K.J.A.K. Prusty
M. A. Ansari Nirmal Peyush Punia Rajendran Jacob Alibaba
Assessing the role and contribution of Integrated Farming Systems for addressing one health at household and landscape levelNov. 2021
– Oct.2026
M. ShamimN. Ravisankar
M.A. Ansari
A.K. Prusty Peyush Punia
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