Externally Funded Projects

Project title Duration Principal Investigator Co-PIsSource of fund Budget
ICAR funded
Ensuring Food and Nutritional Security through Integrated Farming Systems in Western Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh” (Farmer FIRST)Nov.2026 – March 2022 (First phase completed)A.S. PanwarA.K. Prusty, Poonam Kashyap, M. Shamim, Nisha Verma, Sunil Kumar, P.C. Jat, Devendra KumarICAR-ATARI,Kanpur19.20Lakh/year (2021-22)
All India Network Programme on Organic Farming (National)April 2017-March 2026N. RavisankarM. Shamim, Raghuveer Singh, M.A. Ansari, Raghavendra K.J.NRM Division, ICAR251.42 Lakh/year (2021-22)
Sustainable resource management for climate smart IFS under AICRP on Integrated Farming Systems April 2017- March 2026N. RavisankarP.C. Ghasal Debashis Dutta Suresh Malik Amit Nath A.K. Prusty Poonam Kashyap M. Shamim Chandra BhanuICAR- IIFSR, Modipuram18.01 Lakh/year (2021-22)
All India- Network Programme on Organic Farming, Modipuram Centre2004-2026R.P. MishraDebashis Dutta Chandra Bhanu P.C. Ghasal Jairam ChoudharyICAR- IIFSR, Modipuram7.41 Lakh/year (2021-22)
Developing Precision nutrient management protocols for rice-wheat and rice-maize systems in Indo- Gangetic plains (NASF)March 2020 – Feb. 2023R.P. MishraNASF, ICAR29.06 Lakh
On-farm Participatory Research in Farming Systems Perspective under Tribal Sub Plan in Haridwar (TSP)May 2018- March 2022Chandra BhanuR.P. Mishra Debashis Dutta A.L. Meena Jairam ChoudharyICAR- IIFSR, Modipuram6.37 Lakh/year (2021-22)
AICRP on Integrated Farming Systems (On- station National)2021-2026A.K. PrustyR.P. Mishra M. Shamim Debashis Dutta N. Ravisankar Raghuveer SinghNRM Division, ICAR1682.70 Lakh/year (2021-22)
AICRP on Integrated Farming Systems: On-Farm Research (National)2021-2026Raghuveer SinghN. Ravisankar M.A. Ansari Raghavendra K.J. Sunil KumarNRM Division, ICAR1121.80 Lakh/year (2021-22)
NAIF funded ABI Centre, ICAR-IIFSR, Modipuram, MeerutMarch 2020- Sept. 2022Amit NathR.P. Mishra Debashis DuttaIPTM Unit, ICAR11.09 Lakh/year (2021-22)
Adaptation and mitigation potential through Cropping System/Farming System approach (NICRA)2020-2025N. SubashDebashis Dutta P.C. GhasalICAR- CRIDA, Hyderabad16.05 Lakh/year (2021-22)
Evaluation of different cropping sequences for crop intensification under CA practices (Consortium Research Platform on Conservation Agriculture)July 2015 – March 2025A.L. MeenaL.R. Meena P.C. Jat D.K. Singh Sunil Kumar Jairam ChoudharyICAR-IISS, Bhopal16.05 Lakh/ year (2021-22)
On Farm Research (OFR), AICRP-IFS, Modipuram CentreApril 2020- March 2026P.C. JatP.C. Ghasal, Meraj Alam AnsariICAR- IIFSR, Modipuram12.01 Lakh/year (2021-22)
Cluster based on farm participatory research in farming systems perspective under tribal sub plan in Uttrakhand (TSP)2017-2022Nisha VermaV.P. Chaudhary Chandra Bhanu Suresh Malik Amit NathICAR- IIFSR, Modipuram0.84 Lakh/year (2021-22)
Outside ICAR funded
Development of climate resilient sustainable integrated farming system models for optimizing farm productivity (NMSA)Oct. 2017- March 2021 (Complted)A.S. PanwarM.P. Singh A.K. Prusty Chandra Bhanu Debashis Dutta M. Shamim P.C. JatNMSA, Govt. of India234.24 Lakh
Economics of ecosystems and biodiversity for agriculture and food initiative in Uttar Pradesh, IndiaNov. 2021- June 2023N. RavisankarM.A. Ansari M. Shamim A.K. Prusty Raghavendra K.J. Raghuveer SinghUNEP, Nairobi, Kenya112.0 Lakh
Co-creating sustainable water use in the Hindon sub- basin: A multiscale participatory approach (Funded by DST, India under Indo-Dutch collaboration)Feb. 2022- March 2027N. RavisankarA.K. Prusty M. Shamim Raghavendra K.J. M.A. Ansari Raghuveer Singh Poonam KashyapDST, Govt. of India78.58 Lakh

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