Organic Agriculture Systems (OAS)


  • To improve resource-use efficiencies and soil health for sustainable production systems in different agro-ecological zones.

Sub- programmes

  • Long-term trials and crop modeling
  • Site specific nutrient management
  • Conservation agriculture
  • Precision farming, GIS and agro-meteorology

Team of Organic Agricultural Systems (OAS)

1.Dr. Rajendra Prasad Mishra Principal Scientist (Agronomy) & Head (Acting)
2.Dr. Devendra KumarPrincipal Scientist (Plant Breeding & Genetics)
3.Dr. Debashis DuttaPrincipal Scientist (Agricultural Chemicals)
4.Dr. Chandra BhanuPrincipal Scientist (Plant Pathology)
5.Dr. Prakash Chand Ghasal   Scientist (Agronomy)
6.Dr. Jairam Choudhary  Scientist (Agricultural Microbiology)
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