Integrated Farming System Management (IFSM)


  • To characterize and delineate farming situations in different agro-ecological zones.
  • System dynamics and constraints analysis through diagnostic surveys.

Sub- programmes

System delineation and characterization

Diagnostic surveys and system analysis

System dynamics

Team of Integrated Farming Systems (IFS)

1.Dr. Rajendra Prasad MishraPrincipal Scientist (Head, Integrated Farming Systems )
2.Dr. Peyush Punia     Principal Scientist (Fisheries Resource Management)
3.Dr. Suresh Malik  Principal Scientist (Poultry Science)
4.Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh    Principal Scientist (Vegetable Science)
5. Dr. Nirmal KhatriScientist (Agroforestry)
6.Dr. Kamlesh KumarScientist (Agronomy)
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