Integrated Farming System Management (IFSM)


  • To characterize and delineate farming situations in different agro-ecological zones.
  • System dynamics and constraints analysis through diagnostic surveys.

Sub- programmes

System delineation and characterization

Diagnostic surveys and system analysis

System dynamics

Team of Integrated Farming Systems (IFS)

1.  Dr. Peyush Punia     Principal Scientist (Fisheries Resource Management) & Head (Acting)
2.Dr. Suresh Malik  Principal Scientist (Poultry Science)
3.  Dr. Amit NathPrincipal Scientist (Food Technology)
4.Dr. V. P. Chaudhary       Principal Scientist (Farm Machinery & Power)
5.Dr. Pushpendra Pratap Singh    Principal Scientist (Vegetable Science)
6.Mr. Nirmal KhatriScientist (Agroforestry)
7.Mr Kamlesh KumarScientist (Agronomy
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