Cropping Systems & Resource Management (CSRM)


  • To develop crop management practices for enhancing resource use efficiency and productivity of cropping systems in different agro-ecological zones.
  • To identify alternate cropping systems for efficient land use.​


  • Crop establishment and tillage
  • Weed management including pest & diseases
  • Water management
  • Alternative cropping systems

Team of Cropping Systems and Resource Management (CSRM)

1.Dr. Raghavendra SinghHead, CSRM Division
2.Dr. Laxman Ram Meena Principal Scientist (Agronomy)
3.Dr. Lalit Kumar Principal Scientist (Agricultural Chemicals)
4.Shri Vipin Kumar Choudhary  Scientist (Computer Applications & Information Technology)
5.Dr. Sunil Kumar        Senior Scientist (Computer Applications & Agricultural Statistics)
6.Dr. Amrit Lal Meena     Scientist (Soil Science)
7.Shri R.B. TiwariCTO
8.Dr. Yogendra SinghCTO
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