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Semi- auto Nitrogen Analyzer


Semi- auto Nitrogen Analyzer
  Instrument Details  
Make : Kel-Plus
Model : Classic DX
Specification :Estimation of nitrogen in soil and plant   samples 

  Working Principles   

The easily mineralizable nitrogen is estimated using alkaline KMnO4, which oxidizes and hydrolyses the organic matter present in the soil. The liberated ammonia is condensed and absorbed in boric acid, which is titrated against standard acid. The method has been widely adopted to get a reliable index of nitrogen availability in soil due to its rapidity and reproducibility. The process of oxidative hydrolysis is, however, a progressive one and thus, a uniform time and heating temperature should be allowed for best results. Use of glass beads checks bumping while liquid paraffin checks frothing during heating as is recommended in total N estimation by Kjeldahl method.

  1. Used for the estimation of Nitrogen (Primary nutrient)
User Instructions 
  1.  Air/oven dried processed soil/plant samples are required
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         Contact : 0121-2888711
         Email Id: director.iifsr@icar.gov.in



 CHNS (O) Analyzer Charges includes GST  
  Industry University National Lab/R&D's  
CHNS Estimation       Per Sample

*These are tentative rates, the actual rates will be decided by the Committee soon.

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