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LI-3000A Portable Leaf Area Meter


LI-3000A Portable Leaf Area Meter
  Instrument Details  
Model : LI-3000A
Specification : Resolution: 1.0 mm2

  Working Principles   

        Non-destructive method of leaf area measurements. The LI-3000C measures leaf area using narrow-band light emitting diodes (LEDs) and paired detectors in the scanning head. LEDs and detectors encode the width, while the encoding cord encodes the length. The instrument computes length, width, and area from these data. It measures the area, length, average width, and maximum width of each leaf. Measurements are displayed on the digital readout as data are taken and recorded in the on-board memory for subsequent analysis.



The LI-3000C is ideal for rapid field surveys of attached leaves at a single point in time, or throughout their life cycles and Leaf area measurements of various crops like Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane, Mustard, Soybean etc.

User Instructions 
  1.  To measure a leaf, open the scanning head and close it over the leaf, near the petiole.
  2. Grasp the length encoding cord and then draw the scanning head over the leaf, so the apex of the leaf passes through the scanning head.
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