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IRGA (Photosynthesis System)


IRGA (Photosynthesis System)
  Instrument Details  
Model : LI6400
Specification :

  Working Principles   

 Non-destructive measurement.
Hetero atomic molecules including CO₂, H₂O, NH₃, CO, SO₂, N₂O, NO and gaseous hydrocarbons like CH₃ have characteristic absorption spectrum in the infra-red region. Therefore absorption of radiation by a specific hetero atomic molecule is directly proportional to its concentration in an air sample. Infra-red gas analyzers measure the reduction in transmission of infra-red wavebands caused by the presence of gas between the radiation source and a detector. The reduction in transmission is a function of the concentration of the gas. The primary role of IRGA is to measure the CO₂ concentration.

  1. Photosynthetic rate (photo): µmole CO₂ m²/sec.                                                
  2.  Stomatal conductance (cond): mole H₂O m²/sec.
  3. Transpiration rate (Trmmol): m. mole H₂O m²/sec.
  4. Intercellular CO₂ concentration (Ci): µmole CO₂ mole-¹.
  5.  Chlorophyll fluorescence (Fv’/ Fm’ values) Where, Fv’= Variable fluorescence; Fm’= Maximum fluorescence.
  User Instructions   
  1. It consists of separate IRGAs to measure CO₂ and H₂O vapour concentrations, an internal air supply unit and the necessary software for the computation of gas exchange parameters.
  2. Li 6400 uses for independent infrared gas analyzers, 2 each for CO₂ and H₂O.
  3. One pair of C₂O and H₂O analyzers defined as reference measures the CO₂ and water vapour concentration in the ambient air that is sent into leaf chamber.  
  4. Similarly second pair, the analysis chambers measures the CO₂ and water vapour concentrations in the air that is coming from the leaf chamber.
  5. The difference between the reference and the analysis IRGAs are computed.
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 Analyzer Charges includes GST  
Instrument/Parameters Industry University National Lab/R&D's          Remark

Photosynthetic rate

Stomatal conductance

Transpiration rate

Intercellular CO2 Concentration

Chlorophyll Fluorescence

5000 2500 2500 Per Sample        

*These are tentative rates, the actual rates will be decided by the Committee soon.

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