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Flame Photometer


Flame Photometer
  Instrument Details  
Make : Systronics
Model : Flame Photo Meter 128

                          Estimation of Potassium and Sodium concentration in Soil, Water and Plant. Flame photometer quantifies the concentration of Potassium and Sodium content in the samples. The basic concept of working of flame spectrometer is that, a flame through its heat, can raise the atoms from a lower energy state to a higher energy state and when it comes back to its ground state, there is emission in the form of radiations. And determination of these radiations is by flame photometer is proportional to the concentration of ion concentration in the sample.

  Working Principles   

        When a solution of metallic salt is sprayed as fine droplets into a flame. Due to heat of the flame, the droplets dry leaving a fine residue of salt. This fine residue converts into neutral atoms.



Due to the thermal energy of the flame, the atoms get excited and there after return to ground state. In this process of return to ground state, exited atoms emit radiation of specific wavelength. This wavelength of radiation emitted is specific for every element. This specificity of wavelength of light emitted makes it a qualitative aspect. While the intensity of radiation, depends on the concentration of element. This makes it a quantitative aspect.

  1. Plant sample analysis
  2. Irrigation water
  3. Effluent analysis
  4. Organic manures
User Instructions 
  1.  Air dried samples of minimum 50 gm quantity.
  2. For liquid sample minimum 100 ml is required for analysis.
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         Contact : 0121-2888711
         Email Id: director.iifsr@icar.gov.in



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