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The Genesis of the “All India Coordinated Research Project on Integrated Farming Systems” may be traced back to the visit of Dr A.B. Stewart of Macaulay Institute of Soil Research, Aberdeen U.K., somewhere in midforties. He was invited by the then ‘Imperial Council of Agricultural Research’ to
(i) review the position in respect of soil fertility investigations, in general and manuring in particular, and
(ii) suggest steps which might be taken in order to obtain,

In shortest possible time, adequate information under different conditions of soil and climate to enable agricultural departments to give some advice to cultivators for increasing crops yields. His review reports, published in 1947, significantly affected philosophy and practices of fertilizers experimentation in the country, He stressed upon the need of conducting simple fertilizer trials on cultivators’ fields and complex experiments at selected research centre. Prompted by these suggestions, “Simple Fertilizer Trial at cultivators’ Fields” was initiated in 1953 under the Indo-American Technology Cooperation Agreement under “Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Use Project” with the following objectives:

  • To study crop responses to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium when applied separately and in different combinations under the cultivators’ field conditions.
  • To investigate the relative response of different fertilizers in various broad soil groups and to work out the optimum fertilizer combinations for different agro-climate regions.
  • To study the relative performance of different nitrogen and phosphatic fertilizers for indigenous production.
  • To demonstrate to the farmers the value of fertilizer use for the production of crops.


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